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Current projects

Hi all,

Just a first of January update here, but current projects I am working on an also something I need to set a goal for. 

Currently I am working with a fully automated installation of a XenApp/XenDesktop target device when all software is installed automatically from the OS and all the way down to the PVS target device software and a capture of the image into a PVS vDisk on the PVS Server. This work is being done both in my spare time, but also at work so I can't publish everything I am doing without approval from their side as well. 

On my own time I really need to get my profile testing done, and by that I mean a comparison between Citrix UPM, MS Roaming Profile and FSLogix profile containers. I did have all the systems ready for the test in the fall, but because of a lab restructure I never got to perform the actual tests and that has bothered me ever since. My goal is to complete these tests in January and publish the result here on the blog. 

On my own time I am also doing a automated lab deployment, this has already come far, but I need to settle on what I actually wish to automate. If the Domain Controller is already present the rest is pretty "easy", but I am playing with the idea of automating everything and I know how to do it as well I just need a fileshare and boot image to start the MDT deployment on. Let's see what I settle on in the end, but it is a fun project to do :)

Hope you will all have a great 2017



Welcome to my blog

Hi all,

Welcome to my new blog. I have previously written my blog on, but thought it was now time to move to this new site. 

The blog will contain tips and tricks about Citrix, Microsoft and automation in general. The views on this site is my own so no relation to my employer.

Hope you will all provide feedback and suggestions on what I can improve. 


Happy new years all.