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Setting up Visual Studio Code, GitHub and code signing certificate

Hi all, As many of you probably know I do a lot of PowerShell scripting when time allows it, and after scripting, for many years I finally saw the need for source control. Source control not only ensures that I can revert back to a previous version of my code, but it also provides me […]

How to configure Citrix Cloud with Microsoft Azure part 4

In part 3 I showed you how to create the Citrix Machine Services Catalog. The machine catalog is now created and we have a virtual machine running the Citrix in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. In this final part of the blog series, I will show you have to create the Citrix Delivery Group which is […]

How to configure Citrix Cloud with Microsoft Azure part 3

In part two I showed you how to install the Citrix VDA on a virtual machine running in Microsoft Azure. I also explained that I believe that any updates for software and new software should result in building a new master image from scratch. This is something I recommend based on my experience in editing […]