Author: Martin

vLog on PowerShell automation on Microsoft Azure

Hi everyone, The next part of my vLog series on using Powershell to do automation with Microsoft Azure is now online. In this part, I will transform the three simple commands that created the resource groups into a small script that uses a JSON file to store the configuration in. The great thing about this […]

Setting up Visual Studio Code, GitHub and code signing certificate

Hi all, As many of you probably know I do a lot of PowerShell scripting when time allows it, and after scripting, for many years I finally saw the need for source control. Source control not only ensures that I can revert back to a previous version of my code, but it also provides me […]

How to configure Citrix Cloud with Microsoft Azure part 4

In part 3 I showed you how to create the Citrix Machine Services Catalog. The machine catalog is now created and we have a virtual machine running the Citrix in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. In this final part of the blog series, I will show you have to create the Citrix Delivery Group which is […]