Month: June 2017

Generating wildcard certificate from internal certificate authority using PowerShell

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR ANY PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT Updated on June 24th 2017: Correction to issue where the server it was running on already has a server authentication certificate. Thank you Eric (@XenAppBlog) for the feedback. Updated on June 25th 2017: Updated with a new version of the script that requires Windows 10 or Server 2016. […]

Updating Group policy on specific Delivery Groups and Servers The Powershell way

Doing a lot of Citrix implementations I often find myself wanting to update Group policy on a number of Citrix servers to test changes. One could log on to every single server and update group policy with the GPupdate command – but hey that would take forever. Powershell to the rescue. I created a function […]

Citrix App Layering – Basis configuration 4.2 – Part 3

Part 3 – Setting up user rights management  In the top menu click on “Users” and then “Directory Services” On the “Connection Details” fill in your domain name under “Directory Junction Name”, your domain controller server name under “Server Address” and for none-secure trafic leave the port to 389 or use 686 and “Use SSL” […]